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Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

May 13, 2008

Ministry Mouse


Lately I have been incredibly worried about what my ministry will look like. What I mean is that I have wanted to be a minister sense I was a little kid. I have always known that it

was the only line of work that I could do that would make me happy and give me a sense fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong though, when I say fulfillment, I mean that working for God and for his church is the highest calling I could hope to attain to. But lately I have felt afraid that I would not be good at it. It’s funny to think that I have wanted to be a youth and family minister for so long and now that I am drawing near to that profession, I just might be not gifted well for it.

I’m not looking for validation nor am I looking for people to tell me “oh Joe but you are gifted for ministry.” What I do want people to think about is how God calls us to do things we don’t necessarily think we are capable of doing. I am going to do ministry as an occupation for the rest of my life. Though I know I will struggle and fail many times, I also know that God calls me by who he sees me to be and not by who I actually am. When God confronted Gideon he didn’t call him what he actually was, a coward, instead, God called him what God thought he was, a mighty warrior. The only way Gideon could be a coward is if he decided to maintain the same status he always held, instead of accepting the status God thrust upon him. I’m not saying that just because God calls us warriors we can get a gun and fight in Iraq. However, it does give us the right to hold our heads high and do things that are impossible, improbable, and even things we think we are not gifted in.

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