Romans 5:6

Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Aug 26, 2008

Thomas’ Computer: a short story loosely based or real events

When in ages before such lights of such brightness were less frequent they would only cause confusion among those blessed enough to witness such extravagant beauty. In others, worship would be the only justifiable action to take in view of the lights bright radiance. The lone cowboy could only consider those in his life that have made the same lofty claims as he now can make. “I have seen what no man has seen and yet can I remain sane in a reality that rejects such outrageous existences.”

The light now reduced to a small glimmer of the once overpowering sun it had been only a few short seconds ago, shrunk into the expanding glow of the fast approaching sky father, who would soon reclaim his rights to the heavens. Slowly and with many cracks, clicks and a general protest from his sore and overused back, the old cowboy attempted and succeeded to get up from his dusty earth bed and begin the old routine of preparing for the quickly budding day, which started with saddling his old horse.

“Did you see that Charlie?”

Charlie gave the cowboy a long look that the cowboy assumed as a definite yes. Though the horse was old he was not blind. Actually, as far as creatures were concerned, Charlie was one of the smartest animals, humans included, the cowboy had ever known. If you were to ask the cowboy who he trusted with his life, he would pick his horse. His reasoning behind this choice was quite simple. Charlie didn’t mind if he didn't talk very much and Charlie never complained, couldn’t say the same for those he claimed friendship with and he doubted the family he had left would do the same.

“Do you think people would consider me crazy, Charlie, if I told them what transpired this morning?”

Charlie just stood there and assumed the cowboy must be joking if he thinks people don’t consider him crazy all ready. The cowboy was never the one people you would feel comfortable going to if you had a trouble or needed help. The towns that he did go into never cared much for the cowboy's ancient traditions or his ancient horse. Why should they? He thought. Cars, cell phones, go, go, go, the fact that everybody has a place to go and seemingly no time to get there. That must be why they go so fast,

"Kids," the cowboy muttered under his breath, with head shake approval Charlie always gave to the cowboy's none verbal rants.

The cowboy had all he would ever need here in the wilderness under the free sky. With such companions as the stars that made their illustrious show spread across the black stage of night. How could one get tired of such pompous entities that so righteously allow you to peruse their lofty performances for so little of a price? Price? The cowboy did not often think of the price that he paid in order to experience the events we currently find him in. For a price was most definitely paid to free him from the bondage that so ensnared our hero. If you think I have made a mistake to choose this lone and alone cowboy as the protagonist of our story you are the one that is mistaken, for a hero he is as a hero he always was. Hero’s are in us all, no matter how little or how big they might be. But as this man will come to find, discovering the hero in yourself is a journey that will take you through the heights of joy to depths of suffering, through the mount of olives to the place of your death.

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