Romans 5:6

Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Oct 16, 2009

The IPhone and Christ

Has technology killed the youth group? For the last several years in and among youth group around the country I get this overwhelming feeling the technology is crippling our youth group’s ability to be relational. First, I must say that technology in itself is neutral and therefore not the boogie man that we should be scared of and throwing our stones at. Our fear of challenging people to step out of their protective IPod clad cone of silence, this is the true enemy. I wonder what problems Jesus would pick at if he were here today. I wonder if our senseless use of abortion, our greedy government, or our inability to connect with others would be the topic of Jesus’ parables. Satan is doing a good job isolating everybody even though we are constantly surrounded with people at work, at school and even church. When we put on our noise proof, relationship retarding headphones in and live our days completely detached from people and reality, we are dissolving any chance to build and grown beyond our own minds. To grow, it is so important that we listen and hear what everyone has to say. It is important that we view life not as a volume switch that we can just turn up when we want to shut off; instead, view life as an art work with contrasting colors and beautiful images that if alone it would mean nothing but together it means everything.


Simply EC said...

You have to figure out how to use the technology for awesome. I'm feeling you on the isolated front.

I've been going to GVCOC for over 6 years and participating in varying levels of involvement, and I still feel invisible. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my parents don't go to GVCOC so I don't have anybody to be my go between with the older generation. That is something that has to be fixed!

Joseph said...

Using their cell phones and IPod's as tools instead of social crutches is a very difficult thing to do.