Romans 5:6

Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Jun 8, 2009


“You can’t fight this, child,” with a widening grin spreading across Bristol’s face he slowly reached for the ancient axe now laying over the shattered furniture. The boy on the floor bleed freely through the cut across the back of his head, his eyes began blinking from the glow of the steadily growing fire against the dull shine on the blade as Bristol walked toward him.

“What it is in your blood that makes your species so foolish and stubborn to not notice defeat when it slits your own throat? Is it pride, it must be pride.” Bristol muttered under his own breath as he thought to himself. “In all my years I have never witnessed a race with such potential to destroy itself time and time again. Your father is dead boy your mother also, soon your whole planet will become intimately acclimated to our conclave.” Slowly his voice began to rise. “and face it there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do about. The alliances you have made in the past few months will fail, I have seen it. Not in a thousand years has any force defeated us in our conquest.” Now shouting he began to circle the writhing figure on the ground. “Think! Use the logic your so called God endowed you with. If you cannot win then you must perish you MUST DIE, ALL OF YOU MUST DIE!”
Slowly, unrelenting, the boy rose on one hand then rose to one knee and with shaky unstable legs he gained his full height.

“I am my father’s son, born from my mother of the race of Humans. I am the last AEther King, Commander of the house guard and the only holder of the Key. I will fight you Bristol. I will fight because I finally know my name, I’ve always know my name. I am Thomas, and I am your defeat.”

As the blast waves from the battle outside hit the stations air dock, Bristol knew that it could only mean one thing. The Guardians were getting closer than he expected. With a fast glance through the dock port he thought he could barely make out the Vyborg Spheres firing on what could only be the Guardian force trying vainly to save their precious King. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the scene he saw something he never thought was possible. The Key had arrived… to save its master.

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