Romans 5:6

Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Aug 6, 2009

Future #2

“no, no this is impossible. The… the key can’t be moved.” As if Thomas was made of venom, Bristol backed away from him tripping over the axe which seconds earlier was going to be used to end this war, but now can only serve as a inanimate stumbling object.

“You claim to hold all wisdom and to know all mysteries, when will you ever learn that it’s impossible. We live in the impossible.”

The once surrounded and soon to be defeated house guard was now the spear head of a new offensive which just so happened to be the Key itself. The Key, planet size mass, moved with surprising speed through the outer pickets of the asteroid’s defensive belt surrounding the conclaves massive mechanically augmented planetary home. Kinetic cannons and gravity drive projectors roared to life as salvo after salvo from the Key’s gun placements turned the conclave ships into space scrap metal.

Thomas’ neuroreciver started to pick up the crackle of the guards fast running data ship which must have broke free of the battle to find proof of their Kings continued existence. They must know by now that porting their king would prove too impossible through all the layers of interference the conclave was using to surround the palace.

“It was you wasn’t it?” more of a statement than a question.

“It was always us,” now with his back to Thomas, Bristol looked through the main palace window to get a complete grasp of the situation unfolding before his eyes

“You sent the tracker, you killed…”, Thomas couldn’t complete the sentence

“He was my brother you know. He killed me as much as I killed him.” Retorted Bristol.

“HOW can you say that? You turned his creation into…, looking around the gargantuan expanse around him , ‘into this. How many planets? How many innocent peoples” Thomas stomach lurched.

“No one is innocent Thomas. I hope I’m not the only person to tell you that during your life. Remember your precious savior is a part of this machine. When we were younger we created, we conceived something amazing. We marveled at the ability we stumbled onto. We gave life to inanimate things Thomas. Who can boast of such things? How were we to know that it would acclimate to machines first? I will not lie to you, we took the cowardly avenue and evacuated on the first transports off the planet. We were amazed at how fast it adapted.”

“You marveled? It killed millions in a matter of days. The shadows and the elders had to completely destroy the planet to eradicate the infestation.” Thomas was ready to vomit no realizing all of the cover ups and lies.

“Have the elders ever giving you a single shred of truth in your life. Of course they sent their dreaded planet killer here and they tried but we had already become too strong for them. That was when this body came back. I wanted to be a part of this again.” Spreading his arms wide as if accepting a lover back from a long separation.

“I gave them a way to survive the destructive holocaust of the killers onslaught. “

“You found a way through the gravity didn’t you?”

“Yes. We knew it would only work once but we it would work and here we have been on Kurocov rebuilding, arming, readying ourselves for the time when we would break our bonds and destroy the First Ones.“

“But I burst your bubble to early right?”

“It’s of no matter now,” waving his arms almost apologetically

At that instant Thomas disappeared then seconds later the Key and with it every Guardian ship including the damaged, disappeared.

Bristol bowed his head, his shadow gave the impression of a samurai bowing in respect to a equal.

"Master?" Asked the planets inquisition routines, "what is your prompt?"

“We move.” After several seconds of computation and several milliseconds of internal debate, ”Earth”

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