Romans 5:6

Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Sep 4, 2009


I hated rules when I was in High School, especially the ones that the teachers never explained to us. What made it worse for me was coming home and finding out that my mother has been adding rules of her own while I was away. We live in a society of rules and laws that seem to govern everything that we do from paying tax to how you should ride your bike, from how to pay your bills to how you spend your money. right now I’m taking this course through our church called financial peace university in which we are learning all the rules that come with credit, debit, and having a lack of it. Knowing that our world is based on rules, regulations and how-things-are-done mentality, we in youth work neglect setting up any type of structure or consistency for our teens. On our first Sunday with the youth of the Simi Valley Family, Natalie and I laid down some ground rules for how we will be doing things here at "church". The feedback I got back from teens and parents alike is utter shock. No other minister they have had, had such tenacity as to lay down rules for "church". Inconsistency and lying down no guide or common law in a class room can and will spell certain failure for any ministry and especially for youth work. I beg you if you are a youth worker or want to be a youth worker, begin your work by laying down some foundation for which the teens in the ministry can begin to build their own faith on.

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