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Love, even if it hurts - Jesus Christ

Sep 4, 2009

Holy Crap?! (Redux)

In the view and very presence of God something must change. It seems that the very nature of God demands that you cannot remain the same after you have come in contact with the one who created you. In Ex. 3:5 Moses was commanded to take off his shoes when he approached the "holy" burning bush. In the presence of God even the dirt around the bush became holy ground and therefore worthy of respect. In the presence of God Jacob became Israel, Rehab found salvation, Joseph found purpose, and when Abram's faith accounted him righteous he became Abraham. When people came in contact with Jesus or his apostles they were forever changed, some for the worse and others for the better. In Corinthians Paul calls Christ a fragrance, for some it will be bitter and for others it will be sweet.which ever sent you smell, as soon as it touches you, you will then and there be forced with the decision to react painfully or joyfully. Either reaction will change your destiny forever. For those effected positively by the fragrance a change in environment is noticed and new title and a new role in life is given. This title and role is simply called Holiness. When coming in contact with God the "thing" that changes in you is the environment of being unholy or holy. Holiness is not a thing you can touch, never was. Holiness is a purpose given to things by God. It is a new direction in which your life was originally meant to go. We live our lives going in the wrong direction and being in the dark for so long. When people came into contact with God or an angel; it makes sense that they believed they would soon die. Living as unholy has become not only accepted but expected and therefore being holy is foreign and to be shunned by the non believer (sssshhhhuuuunnnnn). Holiness is not a halo, or a glowing aura that gives you +4 to caste time. Holiness is the quality of reality in view of the eternal, having a spiritual purpose alongside a physical direction with an attitude of following God.

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